Camper Quotes

How Did Your Experience at Camp Axios Affect You? — Camper Quotes
  • I learned to stand up for myself and make better choices. — Melissa age 12
  • It taught me not to be afraid. — Raphaela age 9
  • It was the best experience of my life. — Oscar age 10
  • I learned not to judge on the outside but to look what's on the inside. — Natalie age 12
  • I want to be a better person. — James age 9
  • I can believe in myself because I am worthy. — Talitha age 11
  • It showed me that teamwork is important. — Daisy age 10
  • If it's meant to be, it's up to me. — Jessica age 12
  • I made lots of new friends I'll never forget. — Jasmine age 9
  • I can't wait to be 14 so I can be a junior counselor at Camp Axios. — Devin age 13
  • I felt different about myself when I left. — Johnny age 11
  • Camp Axios is the only place I can be myself and not be pressured by the gangs in my neighborhood. — Jamal age 12