About Us

The program, that began in 1998, was the brainchild of Saint Sophia Cathedral's Fr. John Bakas and Tony Thomopoulos. Under the leadership of Board member Andrea Boerger, Camp Axios has helped improve the lives of inner city youth between the ages of 9 and 13. Camp Axios secures financial scholarships, so youngsters can receive a totally free week of a unique camping experience. Qualified staff mix fun, sports and recreation, with serious motivational programs dealing with issues, such as, anger management, peer pressure, education, drug and gang prevention, and making the right choices.

Our staff includes several young men and women from the Greek Orthodox community, as well as, past participants who attended our program as campers and who have chosen to return as counselors at Camp Axios. They were inspired to give back to a program that has made such a great impact on their lives and they as excellent role models. As one of our campers put it last year, "Camp Axios is the only place that I can be myself and not be pressured by the gangs in my neighborhood." Children who are shown love, respect, support, and are presented with positive alternatives to dealing with poverty and gangs, are much more likely to become responsible and successful members of society. These children need us at a formidable time in their lives.

Our support can help them achieve their dreams and show them that there are people who really care. When you see a child’s face light up as they crawl in their bunk at night and confide in you that at home they share a tiny bed with two or three siblings, you know that the simplest of pleasures at Camp Axios can bring joy to a child’s life. When you see a heavy set young boy take off his t-shirt to go swimming for the first time in three years because he was no longer afraid to be teased about his weight, it confirms that a safe, nurturing environment can raise self esteem.

There are 160 children waiting to attend Camp Axios this summer. You can help send them with you generous support and know that you have put smiles on faces of these deserving children who need a second chance in life. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!